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Best flying pokemon light platinum

Best flying pokemon light platinum

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Выходим если нужно подлечиваемся и заходим в это здание screenshot10 поднимаемся по лестницам и говорим с профом пока он не предложит одного стартового покемона из 3 поколения теперь можно взять только одного. Another question, in my lp+ game i cant see my pokemons abilities, the pokedex shows the wrong index eg spheal has torthics info and the moves doesnt say if its phs or special - is there a patch for these problems?

Get on the water an head on south, Team Steam is in a big tower on a little island. Идем в гим как только подойдем оттуда выйдет РЭД и сразится с нами его покемоны-Пикачу 18 Туртвик 18 и Риолу 20 ,после победы РЭД дает нам HM01 и уходит,заходим в гим. If you don't mind switching, I would say try Glazed as your first.

Best flying pokemon light platinum - Shell tell you about a problem with the Combee, and her Vespiqueen will clear the small trees blocking Inhore Woods.


Just head through the mine. Once hes done hell head back to the Gym. If you do fall, just use the ladder in the bottom left of the Gym to return. There are three trainers on the lower level. Defeat the Leader to receive the Earth Badge and TM26 Earthquake. And you can now use Surf outside of battle. You dont get Surf in the city, you get it in Mt. Which, coincidentaly, is the next place to go! Make sure you remember to bring a Surf capable Pokemon with you! And make sure to stock up well, its a long way to the next Gym! Here youll find Steven and the Pokemon Police fighting Terra of Team Steam. They take her away and Steven with give you HM03 Surf. And head out to Route 412. Hope you brought a Pokemon that could learn surf! Make it across the little pond and head up the route. There are some trees in the way, but Red and his Scyther take care of them for you. And he wants to take you on again! And continue you shall, until youre stopped by Lunick! Hell actually ask you if you want to battle. If you say No, hell just leave. They get away quite easily though, and youre free to wander the city. Be sure to pick up HM02 Fly from the Cooltrainer in the first house! The Gym leader isnt in the Gym, so check the Power Plant. Hes been working on restoring power to the plant and now that its all better hell return to the Gym. Defeat the leader and get the Energy Badge and TM24 Thunderbolt. Now you can finally! Now it's time to head out of the city. Head east to Route 417, where you'll find a dead end and the Pokemon Breeders. Head west to continue along to Route 413 and the next Gym. If you continue east you'll find the way blocked by a ledge. There's nothing else to do here, so you should head back to Serenity City and continue onto Route 413. Continue to the next section. So keep on heading north. Try to go north and your way is blocked by Team Steam members. So you have to exit to the east and enter Mt. Follow her to the next section and keep going to the top. Walk around them and talk to Kratos, who has released Resihram and Zekrom in order to capture them. Faithful Arceus to the rescue! At this point Kratos begins to obviously lose his marbles and then calls for a retreat. Cynthia will thank you, and you're free to continue back to Mt. Icestorm, and head north. Better make him move. Shake it off and keep going! Someday I'll get it right. Head to the Pokemon Center and Solana will literally drop out of the sky on top of you! She'll tell you that the Snowce City leader is in Mt. Icestorm and that you'll have to go convince her to come back. Better get on that. And don't forget, you can fly now for fast traveling. Talk to her and she'll say that she's headed back to her gym. If you go to her Gym you're going to be mad, because she's still not there. She's sitting at the northern entrance 3rd room of Mt. Talk to her again, and after she's done laughing she'll finally go back to her Gym! He's just beaten the leader, and wants to battle you before he heads on. Make it through 2 small frozen puzzles and take on the Leader! Your prize is the Glacier Badge! Dive is now available to use. And of course, your free TM, this time TM13 Ice Beam. Solana is standing outside the door and when you talk to her, she'll tell you that she's giving up battling. Before she does, Solana wants challenges you to one last fight! Follow her inside her house, and talk to the woman in the hat to receive HM08 Dive. Leave the house and keep going towards Route 416. They're going to start some trouble, so you need to find their base and start trouble first! Get on the water an head on south, Team Steam is in a big tower on a little island. Make it there to watch Kratos and Percy's little display. Use it, and enter. Make your way to the top and take on Kratos and Percy! They announce their plans and then calmly walk away. On the bright side, look over to the left and you'll see a stone tablet. It's the third piece that Professor Jasmine was looking for! Grab it and head out of the base. Keep going south to reach Drakebreath City. Also on the first floor is the Pokemon Lotto, where you can try to win fabulous prizes! Also, you can't enter the cave, because that's closed off too. You still have that Alpha Tablet though, and Professor Jasmine back in Yellow Town would sure like to have it. So once you're done shopping, it's time to head back to Yellow Town. Jasmine will tell you a story. After warning you about the terrible things that are happening, she'll go right back to her usual message about how you're going to be a great trainer. There is absolutely nothing there to hint about how the cave in Drakebreath City is now open and that that's where Team Steam is setting up its latest operation. But that's what walkthroughs are for! Back to Drakebreath, and Mt. He'll battle you with some ominous music. Percy will step right in front of Gratina and... Everyone else has the good sense to get away, but you get sucked in to the Distortion World! Head to the left, drop through the hole, then continue to the right to face Zero. Being the optimist he is, he's sure you're both going to die here. He makes new plans, and decides to eliminate you as a threat! You should probably do the same! Head to the next area to find Gratina! As you head out you'll find Kaori. He'll let you know that the Drakebreath leader is at the Gym, waiting for you. And that Team Steam got away again. Defeat the trainers and activate the switches to reach the Leader! Once you defeat Wesley himself, you'll receive the Claw Badge and TM02, Dragon Claw. You can also use HM07 Waterfall outside of battle. Head over to the Supermarket and show your new badge to Red he's by the elevator and he'll hand over the HM. Now it's onto Victory Road! Blocking the way is Solana, who says that Lunick wants to fight you first! Head west back along Route 415 to the little house. Head towards the water, but before you get there Kenta will come out of the cave to battle you. Make your way to the dark water patch, and use dive to enter Zhery Underwater. Just below the strange tooth shaped rock is a lighter area, use dive to return to the surface or Victory Road and pick up TM22 Solarbeam or you can just keep going. At the next light colored area, use dive to continue along Victory Road. Head inside to find a Pokemon Center, a Pokemart, and a neat display of all the Zhery Gym Leaders. Ash and Diamond are waiting for you at the north exit. Ash wants to thank you for your help, and Diamond wants a fight. The way to the Elite 4 is clear! First up is Aisey, user of Ground Types! Apparently the excitement is too much for you, you black out and wake up in you room back in Yellow Town. She'll give you a Lauren Pass and let you know that her friend Professor Ellie is expecting you. Now you can head to Seanport City and take a boat to the Lauren Region! Talk to the Sailor in front of the boat and you'll be on your way! Do note that there is no Pokemon Center in the first Town, and the boat doesn't take you back. Bring a Pokemon that knows Fly! Mystic Water Welcome to Lauren! Head north through the town to talk to Professor Ellie. She'll introduce you to Yellow, and ask you to meet up with her again in Carmine Town. Keep going to Carmin Town! Also present are her nephew Yellow, and niece Pearl. As a present for starting in Lauren, Professor Ellie will let you choose one of the Black and White starters! You're not allowed to leave the City to the west yet, so head east to Route 407. Talk to her, and prepare for battle! So head back, then continue to Route 502!


Be sure to pick up HM02 Fly from the Cooltrainer in the first house! The Glitch disappears when you leave or enter a room, but will reappear next time youre offered a Pokemon. Летим обратно в RОСАVЕLY-СITY идем в пещеру которая находиться сверху от покемарта,побеждаем тренера справа берем super potion,идем вверх слева можно взять sсоре lеns проходим в другую пещеру,идем вверх по пути взяв еще один super potion,мужик справа от лестницы даст ископаемое слева лежит камень грома проходим в другую пещеру,ее пока не пройти так что летим в GROMENT-сity воскрешать покемона КАБУТО. Lucas is waiting foryou over in thelighthouse on the beach. Now on to Groment City. Идем в гим,но оттуда выходит лидер и говорит что у нее дела,идем вправо и вверх заходим в SKY ТОWЕR,поднемаемся по лестнице и сражаемся с членами из команды STEAM,говорим с лидером и поднемаемся дальше. Not much to do at the moment because Guardian Tower is blocked off until you beat the leader. Theyve been waiting for you, so let head out to Imatari Island and fight Team Steam. Moи пoкeмoны в кoмaндe-Элeктaбaзз 32 Bapтoтл 31 Koмбacкeн 34 Бeйлиф 30 и Cтapaптop 34. Tipp: , damit Sie diesen Vorgang nicht auf allen Geräten einzeln durchführen müssen. Идeм вниз нa дopoгy 410 cпpaвa бepeм super potion,a cлeвa TM05 тaкжe внизy мoжнo взять repel,идeм пo мocтy вниз cpaжaяcь c нecкoлькими тpeнepaми пocлe чeгo видим caмoлeт c ДPAГOHAETOM внизy eщe тpeнepы пpoxoдим мocт cлeвa взяв yльтpaбoлл идeм в DARDUSK WOOD'S.

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