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Motorola gm300 programming software windows xp

Motorola gm300 programming software windows xp

Motorola GP300 GM 300 Software

Download: Motorola gm300 programming software windows xp

You could be submitting a large number of automated requests to our search engine. Programming the Motorola GM300 I recently purchased a Motorola GM300 on eBay to use as a packet radio in my QTH. If you can't find it then try your local Motorola dealer who should be able to help at a small cost.

They did not in anyway answer my question. MDF to begin editing. If you use thin wire you will be able to feed this out the edge of the 16 way connector.

Motorola GM 300 GM300 GM-300 - The radio requires the Motorola Software which can be found if you ask around or search for it on the FTP sites on the Internet.


I scored a few older Motorola GM300 radios off of eBay and thought I got a great deal. This soon changed when I realized the programming options for this old radio were pretty limited. While it may be good at programming in frequencies and changing around the channel numbers, that is about all I was able to do with it. I really needed to be able to program the pins for the accessory port on the back of the unit, more specifically I need the COS pin to be enabled see below. So I opted to take some time to get the original Motorola RSS software running on my Windows XP laptop. Mine is simply an RJ45 connector to a DB9 serial connector. I picked mine up off of eBay for pretty cheap. Looks like you can still pick these up for cheap on eBay. This can be found here:. I used version 0. This just makes it quicker to mount in DOSBox for me. This will mount this directory as the D drive within DOSBox. Below is how I configured my directory and set my COM port. You will notice the results in the upper right hand of the window. I thought all might be OK and tried to proceed. What this will do is essentially emulate slower hardware on your machine. If so, you are now good to go. Things are going well if you get this far. This is the menu that will be used to program frequencies in for the various channels on the radio. You should now have a fully programmed Motorola GM300 Radius radio! There are many more settings within this software such as adjusting power for each channel. Below is what the power adjustment looks like for those curious: Please feel free to leave any comments or problems that you encountered. Hope this info helped someone out there with one of these old dinosaurs like it did for me!


I have made a small video that shows the Hex Workshop screen during the modification. I contacted the seller with specific questions about how to connect the interface and whether the red and black wire-pigtail on the adapter also required power and if so how much power. I ordered the interface off of eBay and it came with no documentation and I would later learn that the interface requires a 9 volt input to work. The radio requires the Motorola Software which can be found if you ask around or search for it on the FTP sites on the Internet. You could also google the model number.

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